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The Government of Pakistan announced its revised policy in 2002 (generally for thermal and hydro) and the 2006 Policy for alternative resources, both of which provide incentives for private, public-private as well as public sector projects and encourages exploitation of indigenous resources, including hydro, coal, gas and renewable sources. Incentives include tax rebates, including upon import of machinery not manufactured locally. Based upon the capacity of a project, "one window" support organizations have been set up the Government to assist investors. Presence in Islamabad lends due proximity in dealings with the Private Power & Infrastructure Board and the Alternative Energy Development Board, and the controlling ministries to better assist its Clients. Furthermore, familiarity with the applicable regulatory regime, and the intricate legal issues involved, including constitutional and other concerns pertaining to hydro projects set up in Azad Jammu & Kashmir and in KPK, enables Afzal and Afzal to render focused and quality advices and litigation.